The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native - Thomas Hardy, Alexander Theroux Oh my God I hated this. Got to page 70 and said, "Enough already!"

Maybe I'm stupid? Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance?

But... I read Dickens and loved it. De Sade and loved that too. Eugenie Grandet... check. So why didn't I love this one too? Oh my God how painfully this book is written! Would you believe me it took me almost to page 30 to realize the story took place in England?! (No I didn't read the book's description. I simply started reading it based solely on a recommendation.)

Ugh... Then I found out that some poor folks had to read this in high school! Oh my goodness! You poor souls!

Books like these make dropping out of school seem like a good alternative!

Maybe I just needed something to bash? To let out some anger that's built up inside me from some other thing in my life, and here I am taking it all out on this book.

Or maybe not. One thing's for sure... I hated every page I read of The Return Of The Native and I am glad I quit when I did.