Anne's House of Dreams

Anne's House of Dreams - L.M. Montgomery This was a really nice continuation in the series. I found the whole new landscape very refreshing and it was a wonderful perspective that I never thought I'd get to enjoy, because before embarking on Anne series my only exposure was to the films. Anyone who has seen all the films starring Megan Follows will sympathize with me about the "Continuing Story" version. I believe Anne's House of Dreams should have been the content of that last motion picture instalment.

Anyway, here it is in its original form. Lucy Maud Montgomery has provided the reader a wonderful insight into Anne and Gilbert's new home and new life. The new friends accompanying them are endearing and delightful. The events in this novel are uplifting but also very uncompromisingly tragic. There has been tragedy in the previous novels as well, but the particular events that transpire in this one have a particular sting to them. It was refreshing yet also grounding to see Anne develop a friendship with someone who has lost a good measure of their innocence. I feel like it teaches a new lesson to Anne in regards with relating to people.