The Color of Heaven

The Color of Heaven - Julianne MacLean, E.V. Mitchell This book does deserve the four stars I am giving it, even though I found it overall to be a little bit too easy, a little bit too shallow, and a little bit cheap in some of the detailed accounts of the some of the characters romantic experiences.

I know that paints a bit of a grim picture for the book, but all that being said it really was an enjoyable read. It didn't affect me as deeply or profoundly as the subject matter might lead one to feel, but it wasn't devoid of quality or worthiness either. There was a number of shining moments that surprised me along the way and I don't want to make it seem like I was just waiting for another excuse to keep reading, because I wasn't. The surprises along the way delighted me instead of serving as something to convince me to continue.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read one of those books with one of those stories in one of those writing styles that just makes it so easy to keep turning the pages, but I wouldn't delve any further into this author's catalog unless you really are a romance fan.