The Book of Blue

The Book of Blue - Rebecca Anne Banks Who is Blue? (It's a rhetorical question of course!)
I admit, I wanted to be Blue many a time along the ride.
I even envied Blue because Blue's experiences were so enviable indeed!

I would recommend this wonderful collection of poetry (or should I label it a Chapbook?) to anyone who considers themselves to be adventurous of mind. It could be interpreted as a warm and loving friend, but not a demanding one. It could also be interpreted as the friend you see in yourself sometimes (I hope that makes sense). That's how close you feel to the imagery in The Book of Blue.

I read it in an hour! I wasn't expecting it to be so brisk, but it was a beautiful briskness. Actually, there were great opportunities for pause and reflection. I know I could have stopped a number of times and just drifted away in imagination, however I didn't take so much time to do so out of my own personal feelings at the time of reading. It's honestly the type of poetry that I would reach for if I were alone in a room and wanted to curl up with the proverbial comfy blanket and fireplace fire.

I'm really glad I read this collection. It's a vibe I always enjoy meeting and it's the kind of vibe you never know when you'll be lucky enough to meet again.

I wouldn't dare compare the writing style to anyone. I'm sure it could be compared if one wishes to do so however I think it would take away from the purity of what is being offered for discovery here.

I should also mention that I was provided The Book of Blue for free in exchange for an honest review. If I had to go back and do it all again, I would purchase this book. Rebecca Anne Banks has produced a fine piece of literature and I will be following her work with interest from this point forward.