The Story Girl

The Story Girl - L.M. Montgomery It was a wonderful little story and there were lots of wonderful little stories within it as well! The beginning kind of just threw you in and got you acquainted with the characters right away. Mind you, there were some introductory efforts but the author put trust in the reader to have an open mind and feel welcome enough to approach each character freely.

I've only recently delved into the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery, namely with the Anne of Green Gables series. I happened to read some good things about her other novel The Golden Road and decided to try that out as well, so after learning that it was imperative that The Story Girl be read first, I acquiesced and am now looking forward to what's next!

The character of "the story girl" herself in this novel is a very endearing one. By the time you get almost halfway through the book you're already feeling close to all of the kids in the group. I often thought about how lucky they are to grow up in such a place. I only wish I could have had a similar childhood, to have such camaraderie at a young age is a beautiful thing.