Candy - Mian Mian, Andrea Lingenfelter This book is like jazz to me. I loved it. Even though it was like jazz to me, there was no mention of jazz in Candy. What this book is about is drugs, sex, the pursuit of self-definition, raw and honest poverty stricken lost souls. Oh and it's about music too, a cross between romantic Taiwanese pop songs sung in booze soaked nightclubs and the new but overdue and clandestine influx of rock and roll from the West like The Doors.

All of this, clashing amongst despair, hope, love, friendship, loneliness and fear.

If there's any way for an outsider to glimpse what life might be like in the underbelly of China, this might be it. Smuggled in through Hong Kong, banned in Beijing, Candy is a must read for the adventurous reader.